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Unbreakable, easy to handle and safe to transport: PET

With PET you opt for a material which is unrivaled in its lightness: a 1.0-liter PET bottle weighs 94% less than glass, 30% less than HDPE and 25% less than a beverage carton. This unbeatably low weight not only makes itself noticeable in the hands of your customers but also during transportation – especially over long distances, for instance, where the use of PET can yield considerable savings in cost. The unbreakability of and product protection provided by PET containers are also particularly important factors here.

In addition to all of the benefits inherent in the low weight of this particular material, PET also gives you enormous freedom of design, as the shape and size of your PET bottles can be adapted to suit your exact specifications and requirements. Inquire about our Bottles and Shapes™ program, in which we provide you with extensive advice on the product quality and cost efficiency of your extremely light PET packaging. You also profit from the current PET price situation which offers you a clear savings potential compared to other materials.