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Resource-saving production of modern PET bottles

Exploiting the clear advantages of PET bottles while attaching great value to sustainability need not be contradictory. Our modern PET concepts illustrate that the above can be effectively combined with one another. The use of recyclate in particular is seen in a positive light by both consumers and environmental campaigners alike. This is easy to implement, as PET is 100% recyclable the world over. PET can also be reused in many other ways, such as for textile fibers or in bottle-to-bottle recycling for food applications.

We prefer to use recycled and renewable raw materials as a matter of conviction. Recycled PET, known as R-PET, can be used to form new bottles at a rate of up to 100%. The application of bio PET is also steadily increasing. This renewable raw material is not only already being used in bottles (such as in Coca-Cola’s plant bottle) but also for bottle closures. Another packaging material of the future is PEF or polyethylene furanoate which is produced completely from plant-based raw materials and can be recycled. As opposed to conventional plastics it is distinguished by its increased impermeability to carbon dioxide and oxygen, thus ensuring that the packaged products keep longer. It can also be subjected to greater mechanical stress. This means that the packaging walls can be thinner, reducing both packaging weight and material. The aim is to make PEF from plant waste. PEF has the potential to partly or completely replace PET in the future. A first system for the production of 50,000 tons of PEF per annum is already being planned. At the time of writing the new packaging material is estimated to be ready for market in about five years.

Our long-term objective is to make all packaging from 100% R-PET and renewable raw materials. Aseptic technology and aseptic packaging help to cut down on food waste. We are convinced that recycling is a worthwhile investment in our future, for in this way we protect our natural resources and the climate.

Profit on this important issue from our many years of experience and our aspirations as a driver of innovation. Your environmentally-aware customers will thank you for it – and you will make a noticeable difference to your energy balance and sustainability record.