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Exploit the countless flexible options PET gives you

When you choose PET, you are also opting for the greatest possible degree of flexibility in your product packaging. Thanks to the countless design options in particular, you can clearly distinguish your product from the rest at the point of sale. PET allows you to make a real difference in full accordance with your individual requirements: to the design, shape, presentation, color, size and branding of your PET packaging.

In the filling environment our specific KHS design concepts give you great flexibility in production. When switching containers and caps, benefit from simple and extraordinarily fast format changeovers which take just five to ten minutes, for example. You can also process HDPE and PET bottles on the same machine with two different closures and bottle formats of between 200 milliliters and two liters.

The modular design of our systems also permits further components to be retrofitted as and when you require; our machines are made up of different segments which can also be added to long after their initial construction. Rely on top standards of hygiene, our many years of experience in aseptic processing and long shelf lives.

We also offer you additional modules for your products, such as gaseous and liquid nitrogen, a flexible, high-performance chunk dosing unit, a filling module and a capping module. Talk to us about your individual requirements – and we will find the perfect system for you.