Your milk in good hands


High-quality, easy-to-handle PET bottles have your customers convinced

Product protection is an important packaging criterion, especially where dairy products are concerned. After all, your customers’ milk beverages should retain their fresh taste, vitamin content, texture and color with as little change and for as long as possible. At the same time consumers also find it important how well a bottle lies in their hand – even more so as the trend for on-the-go beverages continues unabated. People who purchase a beverage for immediate or later consumption attach great value to the packaging being practical, light, easy to transport and pleasant to handle. Its stability is also especially important, i.e. the bottle must be unbreakable, and, as the beverage is to be consumed on the go, it must also be reclosable. Whether sealed with a screw or sports cap, the milk beverage must be able to be consumed as and when the purchaser requires.

Our high-quality PET bottles meet all of these criteria. They give your end customers the ergonomic convenience they expect and satisfy your own demands regarding safety and product protection. We would be happy to help you design your own exclusive and individual PET packaging, taking all of your specifications into account.