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From stretch blow molding through filling to packaging: with KHS you have all the expertise you need to supply your dairy products in high-quality PET bottles. Benefit from our experience and the synergy of tradition and innovation and profit from reliable, up-to-the-minute technology.

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Thanks to our more than 145 years' experience in the development of filling and packaging systems, we have the expertise to create innovative and sustainable solutions for the future. Line expertise Services


Our PET product portfolio gives you stretch blow molding, coating and filling systems built on many years of experience. We also support you with our holistic consultancy concept.
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Maximum hygiene specifications must be observed when filling sensitive dairy products. This is why KHS combines cutting-edge technology with the highest safety standards in its aseptic filling and capping machines.
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We offer you reliable labeling systems with patented technology for just about every shape of container.
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Our modern packaging systems help you to meet all demands and perfectly satisfy both your own individual requirements and those of your customers.
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KHS’ reliable and extremely flexible palletizers help you to safely supply your packaged products to your retailers or customers without damage.
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» As an Austrian dairy, the NÖM AG is regarded throughout the entire European market as the specialist for mixed milk products in bottles. Therefore state-of-the-art technology is especially important to us, with the support of an expert and reliable partner such as KHS. «

Ing. Josef Simon

Ing. Josef Simon, Production and Technology Director at NÖM AG

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Technical expertise and innovative products form the basis of your success. But we offer you even more: our extensive range of services gives you optimum support for your requirements and objectives in the long term.

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Why KHS?

With over 145 years of experience KHS is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative filling and packaging systems. Our clients in the dairy industry especially value our reliable aseptic PET filling systems which give them optimum product safety, safeguarding the freshness and taste of their products.

Another of our competitive advantages is our flexibility: we can implement a wide variety of packaging shapes and sizes. This not only allows our customers to set themselves apart from the competition but also to offer their products individually. This in turn saves on packaging materials and prevents food from going to waste.

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Especially when processing sensitive dairy products the product and corresponding filling technology must be perfectly coordinated with one another. This is why we offer you hygienic filling systems suited to your specific requirements which ensure the microbiological safety of your product and high line availability, namely our ultraclean filling (UCF), extended shelf life (ESL) and aseptic cold filling (ACF) systems.

Various light barrier technologies are available on the market which are applied depending on the specific requirements. For fresh and flavored milk in the cold chain transparent PET is often used; for UHT milk and flavored products made of UHT milk which are not distributed through the cold chain opaque PET is usually preferred. Bottles made with titanium dioxide, using multilayer technology or with a special protective sleeve provide a reliable light barrier. These ensure that all the vitamins are retained in the milk.

Yes, of course. Healthy and sustainable foods are playing an ever greater role in our society. This trend is resulting in an increasing demand for functional dairy products. These healthy products often contain fruit chunks which can be dosed in pieces measuring up to 10 x 10 x 10 mm thanks to our especially gentle filling technology.

Through their individual and exclusive bottle shapes brand manufacturers and retailers are extremely interested in supplying a safe plastic bottle which is suitable for daily use and easy to hold. Regardless of whether these are trendy milk products, launched to market as being health- and lifestyle-conscious in the general view of the consumer, or fresh Alpine or free-range milk, new dairy products start out in the plastic bottle.

PET bottles are 100% recyclable. For many years non-returnable bottles have contained recycled PET and bio-based plastics. Another promising natural material we are counting on is currently being researched at Hoheim University: polyethylene furanoate or PEF. This is made entirely of plant-based raw materials, can be recycled and is heralded as the packaging material of the future. PEF is distinguished by its increased impermeability to carbon dioxide and oxygen and thus ensures that the packaged products keep longer. Another advantage of the new material is its higher mechanical load-bearing capacity.